Nitronica, an electronics design and manufacturing company headquartered in Ballynahinch, County Down, has an ambitious plan to grow by 18% this year. The company outlines how it will make this a reality, and the role its Lean Engineering team will play in its future business growth.

_DSC4383 copyThe markets we operate in are dynamic and ever-changing, so as our business grows we need to be ready and willing to fine tune our strategy in order to ensure we are constantly providing the services and products our customers need as their own businesses evolve and change.  Our primary focus as a Contract Electronics Manufacturer is to ensure that the products and services we supply help place our customers at the forefront of their industry in terms of price, delivery, quality and innovation. The more we can help our customers succeed, the more opportunities there are for us to succeed.

Sterling has taken a huge hit over the past six months and we’ve seen the price of imported materials rise accordingly. We obviously can’t influence exchange rates one way or the other, so it is now even more vital that we ensure we’re doing all we can to minimise the costs that are under our control.

We’re investing further in our Lean Engineering team, which will focus on methodology, training, systems and equipment to ensure that our people not only have world-class skills, but are also employing optimum operating methods based on the latest manufacturing thinking. This will ensure that the resulting increase in efficiency does not come at the expense of quality, but actually improves it.

This, coupled with further investment in automated manufacturing equipment, management information and quality systems, will ensure we continue to provide our customers with a service that keeps them at the top end of an ever-demanding marketplace. Customers are at the very heart of our organisation and form a core part of our new growth strategy. We recognise that everyone is unique, each with their own specific needs and expectations. By building ever-closer relationships directly with our customers, learning from them and sharing their feedback with our internal teams, we can tailor our services to continuously improve our customers’ experience.

We are relatively new to the digital side of marketing, including social media which is an area we have decided to focus on and improve. We plan to continually develop our brand presence online in 2017, which should have a positive effect on our organisation both internally and externally.

Each part of this new strategy will play a significant part in helping us achieve our goal of 18% growth in 2017. It’s a very challenging target but with our new plans in place we are looking forward to a prosperous and successful year ahead!