Our testing policy is comprehensive and technically advanced. We firmly believe in supplying flexible, customer tailored test facilities to ensure we deliver the best solution for our clients.

At Nitronica we not only supply and develop test development facilities, we also support customer specified functional test solutions.

We can work from customer test specifications if our clients wish to provide us with them, or we will supply our clients with test facilities tailored to their needs.

In-house test facilities:

  • Flying probe (fixtureless)
  • In-line AOI systems
  • PC based test fixtures
  • Teradyne (Inserted tester)
  • PIC Programmers
  • Software test
  • Hardware test

Applicable tests:

PCB: All of In-house test facilities apply

Cable Assembly: Continuity & high-pot testing (incl. manual & programmable)

Full Product Build: All of In-house test facilities apply (excl. Teradyne)

Electro Mechanical: All of In-house test facilities apply

Cabinet Integration: All of In-house test facilities apply (incl. continuity & high-pot testing)

XJ TAG Enabled Manufacturer: Providing easy-to-use professional JTAG boundary-scan tools for fast debug, test & programming of electronic circuits.