Supply Chain Management is key to providing our customers with acceptable lead times while maintaining a cost effective solution.

Nitronica provide a full-buy/full-build approach to our manufacturing contracts. This approach helps our customers by removing processes such as sourcing, purchasing, material handling, incoming inspection, storage and logistics relating to component parts.


We have extensive experience within supply chain management. Our supply chain is based on careful selection of suppliers, partnerships and strategic alliances. This allows us to provide value while still achieving an appropriate lead time profile.


We can also support various delivery programmes, for example, scheduled deliveries, call offs, consignment stock or kan-ban.


Our sourcing is often project specific and decisions can be based on volumes, product quality and lead times. We source both from qualified and low-cost regions.


We monitor performance of our suppliers on an on-going basis based on quality and delivery performance and also ensure compliance to applicable regulations such as ROHS, REACH and Conflict Material Legislation.