We provide a design for manufacture service considering everything from material choice to process efficiency. This ensures that your product is manufactured using an optimised process whilst reducing cost.

Design for Manufacture is a process that can be applied to new products under development or indeed existing mature products. Typically reduction in manufacturing cost is the key focus of the activity but it can also be driven by quality, aesthetics or other reasons.

Component Selection:

Component selection is one of the key focuses during any Design for Manufacture activity. Our engineering and procurement team work closely with our supply chain when selecting componentry to ensure that the given choice is readily available with no excessive lead times and also to ensure that the component choice is cost effective while meeting all quality expectations. During this process of component selection we also consider compatibility of component along with commonality. Where possible we try our best to provide a reduction in the overall number of components which dovetails with our work around process efficiency.

Process Efficiency:

Our Design for Manufacture service has process efficiency as a key objective. Where possible, automation and semi-automated processes are used to speed up the manufacturing process. We strive to ensure that products are designed with ease of manufacturing and a reduced number of production steps in mind. Furthermore, we also use a vast array of experience and lessons learnt from previous projects to ensure that the most efficient manufacturing methods are applied. Minimising set-up times is a further consideration to ensure time and cost are reduced. All of this can be an on-going process to continually enhance process efficiency until optimisation is reached.


We are often approached to assist through a process of Design for Manufacture in enhancing an existing product’s aesthetics. Perhaps a working prototype that requires some further design to make it ready for commercialisation or an existing product that needs updating to make it more professional in appearance. We have the skills and expertise to assist in this process.

At Nitronica we welcome any opportunity to assist with Design for Manufacture – we have both electronic and mechanical expertise onsite. We provide services for all stages of the product lifecycle, regardless of your product being in the infancy stage (prototype), or if it is already an established product.   However, if it is a cost reduction exercise, an improved look for your product or you simply want to remove issues with obsolescence, we would love to work alongside you! For more information Contact Us.