Why Nitronica? We are much more than a Contracts Electronics Manufacturer, we have a full range of value added activities that allow us to be your manufacturer, advisor & partner.

Beyond our standard service offering, Nitronica offer many value added activities such as design and test development capabilities. On-going cost reduction initiatives and our vertically integrated approach to projects allows us to have a competitive edge.

Our dedicated New Product Introduction (NPI) team thrive on problem solving, they can provide reverse engineering activities and BOM creation and can suggest improvements to make the production process more efficient.  Our dynamic procurement team provide complete Supply Chain Management for your project.

Our flexible approach to manufacturing is also a key added value activity.  Nitronica can work with prototype, low, medium or high volumes.  We can support simple, low complexity projects right up to complex, engineering intensive large scale projects.  We adapt our approach to meet the needs of our customer.

Nitronica have evolved and diversified to offer much more than traditional contract electronic manufacturing services.  A combination of the value added activities summarised above and the development of our key skills allow us to effectively engage in large scale electro-mechanical integration projects not normally associated with “build to print” organisations.

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