The first few years in any business is challenging, but the four Directors of Nitronica managed to strengthen and grow the business by diversifying from its deep-seated roots in the Telecoms industry to winning major, long term contracts in growth sectors such as Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas and Renewables. The scope of its capabilities, breadth of skills and inherent knowledge, is a perfect combination to become convincing partners with customers at the leading edge of their field. Nitronica has been a central supplier to numerous innovative initiatives in each sector it operates in.

Nitronica is a key employer in the Ballynahinch town, something that the Directors are keen to preserve and indeed bolster. Having survived the economic turmoil of the recession, the company has once again been experiencing healthy and promising growth for the last 3 years. Managing Director, John Mellon, sees this as the perfect time to move into the next phase with a renewed confidence and a spring in its step.

“We have been working over the last few years with the support of Invest NI to build on our export sales, specifically focusing on the company’s inherent knowledge and breadth of capabilities. We have great pride in all our people and their ability to creatively resolve our customers’ toughest engineering challenges and deliver quality products time after time.”

As part of its 10 year anniversary celebrations, Nitronica has invested in a complete re-brand that will set it apart in its field. This new identity is a strategic move that will set the company on the right path to continue to partner with its existing customers and build on its core capabilities in winning new contracts. “The 10 year anniversary has given us the impetus to take stock to provide us with the springboard to take the company into another successful decade of growth. It became immediately apparent that Nitronica’s growing reputation in the marketplace required an equally strong brand image that would be instantly recognisable, whilst still reflecting our core values and customer orientated philosophy.” 

A core element of its re-brand is a new website that is devised to be outward looking and customer focused. The website will also be strategically integrated with appropriate social media platforms. John Hutchinson, Nitronica’s Director of Sales and Marketing, sees this as an essential element to winning new business and being at the forefront of how companies and individuals find and seek information. “We have noticed a real shift in how companies and individuals interact with us – particularly at the initial engagement stages. It has become natural for us all to check people and companies out online – whether directly through a website or social media – before making initial contact.  It was absolutely vital that our website truly acted as our ‘shop window’ and that we moved to enhance our social media profile. We have made a real effort to take a fresh approach with our communication style, ultimately making our online presence more accessible to a wider audience which will become more prevalent as we move forward.”