At Nitronica we manufacture a range of exciting and innovative consumer electronic products.

Our ability to offer a complete outsource solution appeals greatly to our customers operating in the consumer electronics sector.  We can source the materials, manufacture the sub-assemblies, complete the final assembly, test the product and package it into it’s final retail packaging and ship directly to end customers or retail outlets.

Nitronica’s Capabilities:

Nitronica’s flexible approach to manufacturing and ability to provide a full turnkey package is very appealing to our customers in this sector. Our range of services such as; PCB assembly, cable assembly, final product assembly along with value added services such as design capability, vertical integration, test development and supply chain management place us in a prime position to be the manufacturing partner of choice for consumer electronic projects.

At our manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland, we have a “can do” attitude and offer flexible manufacturing alongside a problem solving ethos.  It is these attributes that allow us to act as not just a manufacturer, but also as an advisor and a partner.

Insight on Products:

We manufacture various consumer products.  Two such examples are mentioned below where we offer a full turnkey package from component sourcing right through to final packaging ready for retail;

PitPat is a dog lover’s dream product, it is an innovative creation which enables users to monitor their beloved dog’s daily activity and fitness from their smartphone. It is completely waterproof, small and light so it conveniently attaches to the dog’s collar.

We also manufacture the intelligent bike light, ICON by See Sense.  The ground-breaking features include, intelligent sensors, smartphone app, crash alerts, theft detection, firmware updates and daytime visibility.

We can provide a competitive but local manufacturing solution for your consumer product. Please Contact Us for more information.