PLATO EBR Group had their final meeting this week, completing an intensive monthly programme involving networking for growth on the issues of sales and marketing, strategy finance, IT and HR. The group was aptly led by two Parent Companies, John Mellon of Nitronica and Stephen Meldrum of Hastings Hotel Group. The small group of participant companies were from diverse industry sectors from communications and IT, legal, design, and intelligent software systems.

The group also made a site visit to Nitronica as part of their programme, where the Managing Director John Mellon showcased the extensive scope of the Nitroncia operations and the high-tech machinery and highly-skilled staff within the Ballynahinch plant. One participant said: “The diversity of Nitronica activities was “mind-blowing”, it was really insightful, and reinforced an appreciation of the fundamentals of electronics in everyday life.”

The tour provided participant companies with an overview of what a growth-oriented business looks like in practice. Another participant said, “We could get a real sense of the company dynamics, the importance of problem-solving, teamwork (staff working in different sub-teams on different product manufacturing jobs), and the importance of leadership and management.”

Dr Cecilia Hegarty, Director of PLATO EBR was also in attendance and joined the group in thanking John for his stalwart leadership throughout the PLATO Down Group. The Group as a whole felt they had learnt a lot from John and they valued the PLATO EBR network in terms of using the other participants as a “sounding board”. The group also acknowledged support from Stephen Meldrum and Sam Simpson and a range of speakers who inputted into their customised programme.

Dr Cecilia Hegarty added that 83% of the participating businesses had traded with each other during the programme, having got new business as a result of intra-group activity with the potential for more through inter-group activity – networking with other PLATO EBR groups.

Nitronica, Plato