“Phenomenal support from industry”
Over 60 businesses from across the border attended the event to welcome HeatGEM™ into the Nitronica product range. The event was supported by Smart ECO Hub, a Cross Border project whose aim is to stimulate product development and commercialisation through collaboration. This project is part financed by the European Union’s INTERREG IVA Cross Border Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.
Keynote speakers at the event included Finance Minister Simon Hamilton MLA, John Mellon Managing Director of Nitronica, Chair of Smart ECO Hub Paul McCormack and Mark Welsh from Energia.

Speaking at the launch the Finance Minister Simon Hamilton said: “The launch of this energy saving product is a tremendous achievement for Nitronica and for the industry across Northern Ireland. Nitronica have demonstrated that innovative product development is achievable and the support provided by Energia is commendable. I wish John Mellon and his team every success with HeatGEM™ and hope to see the product range expand over the coming years.”
Speaking at the event, Paul McCormack (Chair of the Smart ECO Hub) stated: “On behalf of the Smart ECO Hub team I am delighted to be supporting Nitronica with the launch of HeatGEM™. The support from local businesses and public sector representatives here today has been phenomenal. The core aim of Smart ECO Hub is to stimulate product development and growth within the energy sector and Nitronica have exemplified this today with the launch of HeatGEM™.”

Chief Executive of Nitronica John Mellon commented:
The launch of our HeatGEM™ product is a new chapter for Nitronica and we are genuinely excited about bringing cost effective energy saving solutions to the commercial market under our newly created product banner Romari. With affordable pricing and impressively quick return on investment, HeatGEM™ presents an opportunity for a quick win in the battle to reduce energy consumption and cost against a backdrop of ever-increasing fuel prices and overheads. Of equal, if not greater importance, is the positive impact HeatGEM™’s energy savings will have in the struggle to reduce carbon emissions”

“HeatGEM™ – addressing boiler inefficiency”
HeatGEM™ is a small device with a built in advanced burner control that is installed onto commercial boilers. It matches heat load demand to building fabric heat loss and adjusts to varying weather temperature. Furthermore, it is supported by an advanced web diagnostics portal. The HeatGEM™ product, which is owned and wholly manufactured by Nitronica Ltd, based in Ballynahinch Co Down, and is marketed under the Romari brand, will be pitched at any organisation operating gas or oil ON/OFF commercial boilers.